Shame On You, America

I haven’t written on this blog in a while. Nearly a year, actually. The last 11 months have been a whirlwind and, against all reason, I’m now living in West Texas and attending graduate school. I actually only have a couple weeks left in my first semester and really should be working on the three papers and two projects I have due soon. However, I’m sick and goddamn tired of seeing islamophobic, xenophobic, and hateful talk springing out of fear, and now you’re going to hear me rant about it.

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Writing For Marketing & Advertising

The advertisements below were created during my Writing for Marketing and Advertising class taken through the UCLA Extension. These advertisements have not been used in any actual campaign and have not been endorsed by the companies which they represent (obviously). All advertisements, even those done in groups, were written solely by myself.

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Journalism Portfolio

I took Introduction to Journalism my sophomore year and worked at my college’s student-run newspaper, The Index, for three years as a contributor, staff writer, and finally the editor of the sports section. A sampling from both my class and the paper can be found below. Articles #1 & #2 are from my Introduction to Journalism class my sophomore year, with the first being my final project. Articles #3, #4, and #5 are from my time on the staff of the paper.

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20 Reasons Working On Christmas Day Is Actually The Best

Despite never having worked on Christmas Day in my life, I made this post for BuzzFeed. I woke up about four hours before the rest of my family Christmas morning and started to look at BuzzFeed articles. I felt really bad for the people that had to work that day, so I started to make this. After presents were done, there was a dead period until the relatives arrived, so I quizzed my mom (who is a nurse) about the good parts about working on Christmas. And I ended up with this. And BuzzFeed featured it. Truthfully, there probably weren’t many other submissions to compete against. But hey, it’s the victory that counts.

Anyway, you can read it here.

How Well Do You Know Middle-Earth Mythology?

BuzzFeed added the option to create quizzes and I just knew I had to make one. But what to do it on? I’m kidding, I obviously knew it was going to be on Tolkien immediately. The hardest decision was deciding what part of the mythos to quiz people on. It was almost completely on weaponry, but I decided that was too narrow and there are only so many questions to ask about magical swords. So I created a quiz encompassing everything about Middle-Earth, from the history, to the religion, to the mundane.

Check it out here and let me know how well you do!

Thoughts on the New Star Wars Trailer OR The Audacity Of Hope

I was not emotionally prepared for this. A week ago, the new Star War trailer premiered and, unless you’ve been living under a rock on some backwater Outer Rim world (lookin’ at you, Dagobah), you’ve seen it. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve seen it a couple hundred times. And man, oh man did it just spark so many conflicting emotions. It’s taken me a while to get my thoughts together.

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Adrian Peterson Is Not Ray Rice

I started playing fantasy football this year. Previously I’d never been interested, and I never have had time with my own football seasons. However, a couple weeks ago, a friend started pestering me about joining his league. And a day before the draft, I finally capitulated. I went to the aforementioned friend’s house for the draft, and lucked out with the third pick. Now I’m more of a college football fan (Go Blue!), but if it’s Sunday and I’m not doing anything, I’ll tune in. I’ve watched more than a few NFL games in my day. I’ve also binge-watched FX’s The League more than once, so I like to think I know what I’m doing.

The entire point of this overly-wrought tale is that I drafted Adrian Peterson. With the third pick, not recognizing the names of any of the other top running backs, I went with him. This is in the interest of full disclosure: Yes, I drafted Adrian Peterson and he was supposed to be the workhorse of my fantasy team. But no, I have no emotional attachment to him and this in no way affects what I am about to write.

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29 Times Twitter Didn’t Get This Whole “Exercising” Craze

So. Exercise. It sucks. Moving is complicated and hard and I normally don’t want any part of it (despite those 13 years of football). I took about a year off after I finished football and graduated from college. But it was time to get back to it. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Therefore, I compiled some tweets for BuzzFeed highlighting my disdain for kinetics.

Read it here.

Jessica Williams From “The Daily Show” Tackles Sexism In The Workplace: “Guys, Get Some Impulse Control”

I’m a huge fan of The Daily Show. I haven’t missed an episode since 2011. And when the amazingly talented Jessica Williams dropped this bomb on a misogynistic Fox News host, I knew I had to share it on BuzzFeed. I would try to be funny right now, but I’m just going to let ol’ JW handle it.

Check it out here.