5 Tolkien Villains That Are Too Big For The Big Screen

I love writing about Tolkien. I believe there are two three posts on this blog on just that topic. And I had to share my love with everyone on BuzzFeed. The idea came to me when I found an old Middle-Earth encyclopedia that my parents had bought for me when I was more than obsessed and was actually considering learning Elvish (I am pretty good with languages, especially those that aren’t useful at all in the real world [I’m looking at you, Latin & Ancient Greek]). Oh, the middle school years.

Anyway, I was just flipping through this old encyclopedia, yellowed and dogeared from sitting on my childhood bedroom’s windowsill for years, and I kept coming across all these fantastic villains. However, since they weren’t in the movies and I haven’t read the Silmarillion since high school, I had completely forgotten about them. They seemed too big and powerful, the kind of villain that Hollywood would never actually be able to have in a movie as they are of godlike power. Men are nothing compared to them. Sauron, the great evil in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is nothing compared to them. And there was the idea.

You can read it here.