The Fappening Shows An Enduring Lack Of Understanding About Consent

I haven’t looked.

This past Sunday, hundreds of nude photos of major female celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and Kate Upton, were leaked onto the forum website of 4chan. The veracity of some of the photos are still up for debate, but many have been confirmed as authentic. J Law’s publicist confirmed hers and Mary Elizabeth Winstead tweeted that hers were taken by her husband and had been deleted. And with those two on the list, that’s almost half of the Freebie Five that I would have if I had a significant other.

However, despite the physical attraction I have to these celebrities, I didn’t google their pics. I’m not going to say that I wasn’t tempted, we all have our issues, but I was able to maintain my resolve. Which then affords me the moral high ground to write this post. But…wait a minute. Why am I patting myself on the back for not looking at nude pictures of people who didn’t consent for me to see them? How is that right?

It goddamn isn’t.

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17 Game-Changing Game Of Thrones Fan Theories

I don’t know what it is about my Game of Thrones related posts, but BuzzFeed doesn’t seem to like them. This is the post that I probably put the most effort into, and most of the views came through sharing I had done myself through Facebook, Reddit, and Imgur. I like to think that the people who choose which Community posts are featured haven’t read all the books and therefore weren’t able to read my post as they didn’t want the rest of the series to be spoiled for them. Yeah, that’s probably it.

This post has spoilers through A Dance with Dragons, so only check it out if you are completely caught up on the series. Or if you don’t care. Either way.

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Hello world!

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This Sexy, Soulful Slow Jam Of The “DuckTales” Theme Is Ducktastic

One of my friend’s shared this one their Facebook wall and I knew I had to write a post on it for BuzzFeed. A YouTube channel called ScottBradleeLovesYa has started posting videos every Saturday morning of remixed, slow jam versions of your favorite ’90s cartoon theme songs. Needless to say, it’s awesome.

You can read the post here. Or just go to their channel. Either way.

9 Huge Changes Book Readers Will Notice In The Latest “Game Of Thrones” Episode

Another post of mine that I felt was wrongfully not featured by the BuzzFeed staff. I’m not bitter or anything, but I’m also not not saying that I didn’t stay up until 3 AM to finish this post. I’m also not saying that I learned how to create GIFs to do this post. But I did learn how to create GIFs to do this post. AND, since I stayed up until 3 AM the night of the episode, you could say that it was pretty timely. But I digress.

This post is about the most recent season of Game of Thrones and contains spoilers through A Storm of Swords. Read at you own risk.

And speaking of reading, you can do that here.

5 Tolkien Villains That Are Too Big For The Big Screen

I love writing about Tolkien. I believe there are two three posts on this blog on just that topic. And I had to share my love with everyone on BuzzFeed. The idea came to me when I found an old Middle-Earth encyclopedia that my parents had bought for me when I was more than obsessed and was actually considering learning Elvish (I am pretty good with languages, especially those that aren’t useful at all in the real world [I’m looking at you, Latin & Ancient Greek]). Oh, the middle school years.

Anyway, I was just flipping through this old encyclopedia, yellowed and dogeared from sitting on my childhood bedroom’s windowsill for years, and I kept coming across all these fantastic villains. However, since they weren’t in the movies and I haven’t read the Silmarillion since high school, I had completely forgotten about them. They seemed too big and powerful, the kind of villain that Hollywood would never actually be able to have in a movie as they are of godlike power. Men are nothing compared to them. Sauron, the great evil in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is nothing compared to them. And there was the idea.

You can read it here.

When Disney And Zombies Collide

I struck gold with this one. I stumbled on to these images on Imgur and just knew I had to share them on BuzzFeed. There is an insane amount of demand for Disney crossover artwork and everyone knows it. What I regret though is that all of the images hadn’t been created by the time I write the post.  So I would head over to Kasami-Sensei’s DeviantArt page to see all of them.

But if you don’t want to do that, you can just head over to the post I wrote here.

Nothing Is True

There is no such thing as a fact.  Society has been lying to you. You live in the Matrix. You’re the only thing that actually exists in the universe. You’re a robot. Life is a dream. You can’t know anything outside yourself. Nothing is true. I’m being a tad melodramatic, but I’m going to take you down the rabbit hole that is my brain in order to show you exactly what I’m talking about. I will show how we as humans have, on a subconscious level, built up this comforting and false idea of an unequivocal reality.

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How 75,000 People Playing A Single Game Of Pokémon Have Created A Religion

Now this is one of my favorite posts I’ve written for BuzzFeed. It wasn’t featured by the Community staff, but still managed to garner over 10,000 views. Not bad if I do say so myself.

The relentless fanbase of this Twitch TV venture made it insanely fun to research. Everything was compiled in databases and open Google Docs so everyone would know exactly what had happened when and the complete irreverence of the whole thing had me laughing the whole time.

I never did do a follow up once they completed the game, but I do know that their next idea was to have a camera trained on a fish bowl and, once the fish swam to a corner of the camera, it would do either hit a button or a direction. If anything, these social experiments have provided some good evidence for the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

Anyway, check it out here.